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Oanh and Tony’s Wedding | San Diego, CA

Oanh and Tony's Wedding Video | San Diego, CA from Ross Sales on Vimeo.

Family is such a blessing. And when two families come together to celebrate a marriage, it’s a beautiful thing. Oanh and Tony’s wedding day was spectacular! The couple’s energy and enthusiasm were infectious as we traveled to five different locations capturing their joyful moments. From the tea ceremonies to the reception, the couple’s friends and family were so warm and welcoming that I felt right at home. And to Oanh and Tony, home is where the heart is.

Tea ceremonies are uniquely intimate. The structure of a tea ceremony requires the active involvement of not just the bride and groom, but their families as well. Indeed, as the bride and groom come together in matrimony, their two families are also brought together in joyful celebration. So the challenge for a filmmaker is to find a way to visually represent this union. My method: focus on emotionally powerful reactions from family members. At first, I thought this would prove difficult since I don’t speak a word of Vietnamese. 🙂 Fortunately, I found that emotion transcends language barriers. And I think I was able to find the shots I needed to tell this story: the quiver in a mother’s voice, the tears in a daughter’s eyes, a grandfather’s chuckle, a son’s embrace, the warmth of children, and the endearing little quirks that Oanh and Tony share as a couple. It’s a real treat to capture these rare and fleeting moments during all the hustle and bustle of a wedding day. Priceless moments always seem to be treasured more with time. So even though this wedding gave me a whopping 202 gigabytes of video footage, it was worth spending the extra time searching for these shots. Because some moments deserve a pedestal. 🙂

It was a wonderful wedding day! And I am honored to have captured such a loving celebration. Thank you Oanh and Tony for being such an amazingly awesome couple! Your easygoing and affectionate personalities made it really fun to work with you. And your constant enthusiasm reminded me of why I love being a wedding filmmaker. It was a joy to have spent the day with all of your kindhearted family members. And I am lucky to have played a part in such a beautiful moment in your lives.

A very big THANK YOU goes to Zeke Torres for helping me shoot this wedding. Zeke is a brilliant filmmaker and he is super awesome to work with. You can check him out at Zeke Torres Films.

Photographer: Eric Kieu (Awesome photographer and great to work with!)
Vietnamese Band Leader: Duc Hoang, (Super helpful and accommodating to my audio needs)
Reception Location: Crystal Palace Banquet Hall and Restaurant
Venue Manager: Roger Chan
Florist: Classic Blooms Studio
Crowd-Control Coordinator: Oanh’s Brother Vuong

Music: Joshua Radin- “I’d Rather Be With You”

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Chelsea and Seth’s Wedding | Mt. Woodson Castle

Chelsea and Seth's Wedding | Mt. Woodson Castle from Ross Sales on Vimeo.

What a fun day! Nestled in the outskirts of San Diego lies the elegantly charming Mount Woodson Castle. In this intimate setting surrounded by lush greenery and cobblestone walls, Chelsea and Seth tied the knot and had the party of a lifetime. The sun shown bright on this madly-in-love couple, and the two of them were positively glowing throughout their celebration. There’s something special about the way these two are able to light up a room and make everyone around them smile. Pair this lovely couple with their warm, fun-loving guests, and you have yourself a recipe for an amazing wedding!

I visited Mt. Woodson with Chelsea, Bernadette (awesome photographer), and Chelsea’s Mom (sweetest lady ever) a few months before the wedding. I was struck by the beauty of the location and wanted to use Mt. Woodson for a few wedding day creative shots. But the wedding day timeline was limited. So I attended the rehearsal the day before just so I could experiment a bit (dress, shoes, rings, trees, etc.) I love attending rehearsals. It’s a great way to scout locations and meet people in a more relaxed setting. On the wedding day, I knew that audio was going to be important. And outdoor audio is hard, so I spent more than 30 minutes working with DJ Greg Shibley to make sure my audio equipment was set up just right. And I am SO glad I made the effort because Chelsea and Seth’s vows were filled with so much personality and heartfelt emotion. Thankfully, DJ Greg is a master craftsman and was able to feed me that rich audio you hear in the video. But not the birds. The intro birdie sound effects are a little something I added for a bit of “cuteness”. Haha. The wedding day had so much excitement, activities, and happy people! It was difficult to decide what to include in the highlights video. And that’s a great thing! Because I love spending time editing footage filled with joy, love, heart, and emotion. And Chelsea and Seth’s wedding had all of that and more. I definitely had fun editing this one (but if you’re reading this, I’m sure you already knew that 🙂 ).

Thank you so much Chelsea and Seth for inviting me and Isabel to be a part of your beautiful celebration! It is a treasure to have met you both. Your kindness, care, and concern towards everyone around you make you an awesome couple to spend time with. You both are amazing, and it was wonderful getting to know you. I look forward to keeping in touch and to “one day, one day” hear about any future “little Urbs”. 🙂

A huge THANK YOU goes to my amazingly talented teammate Isabel Gonzalez. She is an awesome filmmaker and her work is gorgeous. Definitely check her out at Isabel Cinemathique.

Chelsea’s Blog: The Pursuit of Chic
DJ: Greg Shibley, G Sharp Entertainment
Photographers: Bernadette & Rick, Narrative Images
Castle Coordinator/Caterer: Iman Rosario, Personal Touch Dining, Inc.
Makeup: Dina Bree
Hair: Jennifer Hofmann
Location: Mount Woodson Castle

Music: “Good Life” by OneRepublic, licensed through Song Freedom.

Oh, and thank you Berkeley for the wake-up call. 🙂

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Melissa and Greg’s Wedding | Santa Barbara, CA

Melissa and Greg had an amazing wedding! The sunny location near the beautiful beach of Santa Barbara was perfect for the happy couple. Sweet and endearing, Melissa and Greg were both lighthearted and joyful on their wedding day. Their easy-breezy personalities and the relaxing atmosphere allowed me to capture some great candid moments of everyone present: the fun-loving bridal party, the energetic guests, and the unique flavor of Melissa and Greg’s relationship. My team and I had a blast capturing such an intimate wedding.

Location was definitely a big draw for Melissa and Greg. So I wanted their video to include some wide, flying shots of sun-flares and skies to help capture the beautiful landscape, venue, and weather. I was pleasantly surprised at how many cute moments I was able to capture of Melissa and Greg. So the upbeat music of Ben Rector’s “White Dress” helps to punctuate just how exceedingly adorable Melissa and Greg are together. Speaking of music, I thought that introducing Greg with the bass-line drop would add a little ‘oomph’ to his first appearance. 🙂 And lastly, I absolutely have to mention the family. Though the guest list was small, I couldn’t help but notice the loving closeness of Melissa and Greg’s friends and family. How they welcomed me and my team with open arms was something I will never forget. From conversing with Greg’s grandfather (the officiant) to working my audio with their cousin (the DJ), it made me feel so special to be openly received by such a tight knit family. They even invited my team to join them for lunch the next day! How cool is that! So seeing the importance of their family ties, I made sure to capture many extra shots of their friends and family. A few weeks ago, I was watching old video footage of my parents’ 1985 wedding. And it made me happy to see my late grandfather telling jokes during his speech. So I know just how important it is to preserve these types of special family moments.

Thank you so much Melissa and Greg for being such a warm, welcoming, and generous couple! I really appreciate the opportunity to experience such a beautiful and special event in your lives. And I am grateful to have made such awesome friends along the way. 🙂 I wish you both many happy days of love and laughter!

Melissa and Greg | Santa Barbara, CA from Ross Sales on Vimeo.

A big special thanks goes to my team: Chewy Son and Mingee Do. Amazing work as always! It’s always fun shooting with you two. 🙂

Photographer: Justin Element, Justin Element Productions
Wedding Coordinator: Jessica Kuipers, Bijoux Events
DJ: Benson Edles
Officiant: LeRoy Doty
Florist: Grass Roots Santa Barbara
Wedding Location: Fess Parker Doubletree Resort

Music: “White Dress” by Ben Rector

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Cindy and Brian’s Wedding | Los Angeles, CA

Such a bright, sunny day in LA! Cindy & Brian were positively beaming on their wedding! I kept getting the warm fuzzies just seeing Cindy and Brian’s charming affection towards each other. Cindy’s graceful presence coupled with Brian’s easygoing personality made for a beautiful day of romance and fun. It was awesome filming a wedding day that flowed so naturally. And to spend the day with such a lovely couple was more than I could ever ask for.

Cindy has a calm, soft, and gentle demeanor, so we started the day filming Cindy in very soft, even lighting. We looked for lots of window lighting, lots of shade, and lots of evenly reflected lights to show the gentle warmth of Cindy’s personality. Brian is a DJ that I have worked with before. And judging by his musical tastes, I knew that he would be down to experiment with some fun shots. So I spent a few minutes ‘flying’ to get some epic movie trailer shots. Lol. Prior to their wedding, Cindy and Brian both mentioned how excited they were for their choreographed dances, so it was important for me and my team to properly capture this moment. We did a little pre-planning and set up our cameras in places where we would (1) blend in with the crowd and (2) capture the fancy footwork of the tinikling dance. And I thought it would be cool to end their hightlights video with that dance theme, where Cindy and Brian, surrounded by their loving friends and family, continue dancing through life together.

Thank you so much Cindy and Brian! You truly are a remarkable couple with such kind and generous hearts. You took time out of your very busy day to give me and my team a shout-out on stage. Words can not express how grateful we are for making us feel so special on your wedding day. We had such an amazing time with you! And we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your wedding!


A special thanks goes to my team: Chewy Son and Mingee Do. Good job team! Great work and good times!

Photographer: Gary Chiang, Facebook Profile,
DJ: Anthony Capili,
Wedding Planner: Katherine Wong-He,
Florist: Kerim Albanes, My Wedding Blooms
Ceremony Location: Union Church of Los Angeles, Mayumi Yamada,
Photo Location: Walt Disney Concert Hall
Reception Location: Empress Pavilion Los Angeles

Music: “Everything’s Right” by Matt Wertz

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Dancing Hip-Hop and Tinikling | Cindy and Brian

I really wish I could dance. I’ve spent years trying to teach myself to two-step, but of little avail. So when I see an awesome dance routine like Cindy and Brian’s, I can’t help but to be a little inspired. I imagine how much time they spent dancing together to perfect their routines. And it makes me happy to see the dancing bond they created culminate into a spectacular performance on the day of their union. And isn’t that what marriage is about? To create something special with the one you love? And not to mention how cool it must have been for the guests to see their lovely couple bust a move! So cheers Cindy and Brian! May your music be sweet, may your steps be merry, and may your dance together be filled with much joy and happiness!


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